What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is therapy provided through a live video connection over the internet. Teletherapy is intended for use with patients who are unable to come to our clinic for reasons such as distance or issues with transportation or mobility. Teletherapy is useful to maintain continuity of treatment for clients who are unable to see a therapist in-person on a regular basis.

who is eligible?

Teletherapy from our office can only be provided to patients who are residents of California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Wyoming, & Michigan.

How do I get started?

Before you sign up for long-distance treatment, it is important that you understand the potential risks, consequences, and benefits of teletherapy.


Convenience: Teletherapy is a convenient way to keep up with treatment sessions. It saves you a trip to the office and you can participate in therapy from your own home. You can also use your smartphone and have remote sessions anywhere you feel comfortable.

Timeliness: Besides the time you save from not having to drive to a physical office, you have greater flexibility in scheduling sessions at the most convenient time for you.

Access: With today’s technology, it is now possible to have access to care from the clinician of your choice, even if they are based far away from your home.

Cost: Due to the lower costs to the provider, teletherapy sessions are typically more affordable for patients than in-person sessions.


Emergency/Crisis Response: Due to the distance between you and your provider, it is not possible for a therapist using teletherapy to be able to respond to emergency situations or immediate crises in the same way that a locally-based therapist can. It is important to understand this limitation before signing up for teletherapy.

Technology: All technical equipment and data networks are not 100 percent reliable and are subject to occasional failure. Video calls can be dropped or lose image or sound quality during a session. Technical difficulties can make it so your therapist is unable to make or receive calls during periods of network failure. This reality should be taken into account before choosing teletherapy.

Privacy: Although patients’ health information is protected and kept confidential, all electronic data transmissions are subject to security breaches by criminals. Even though we take the utmost precautions to keep all sessions secure, there is always a risk of unauthorized access to client data when information is being transmitted over the internet.

Starting your first session:

If you are interested in getting more information on services provided or you would like to sign up for teletherapy, feel free to contact us here.

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